Welcome to Pure Platinum

Pure Platinum is a jewellery manufacturing organization of rare prestige and enterprise. It is based from Mumbai, the financial hub of India and city famous for beautifully gold and diamond studded jewellery with extraordinary workmanship.

Pure Platinum is synonymous to imagination, inspiration and innovation. The company also stands for international standard quality and evokes trust and respect of millions and epitomizes the zest to excel over the past two decades.

he company has been beautifying only platinum jewellery since 2006 and along with the evolving times, it has forayed into newer avenues and contemporary designs and concept. Pure Platinum is the one of few Platinum jewellery manufacturers in India which serves retailers Pan India, Dubai, Sri Lanka & UAE. We have a large variety of exquisite designs in Platinum jewellery for customers across the various sections of the society. It has carved a niche for itself in the Indian jewellery market.

We offer a complete range of jewellery from couple bands to pendent sets, from spectacles to solitaire, from tie pin to tops; nose pins to even necklace sets. Today Pure Platinum offers its customers a customized and convenient shopping experience.

Over the years, Pure Platinum has gained special mastery in jewellery Manufacturing, Designing, and now marketing. In the factory at MIDC, Andheri in Mumbai, it houses more than 100 plus workers and contributes 50,000 pieces annually to the world's creation of beautiful platinum and studded jewellery.

Design & Craftsmanship

Pure Platinum has been weaving incredible discoveries and expertise into its ethos over the time. Today, this unrivalled knowledge is at the very heart of all we do. For us, Platinum is not just a material but our canvas and our source of creativity. Pure Platinum is truly yours. You can tell us what you desire, and we can translate your desires into a precious piece of jewellery. After-all, each design tells a story, and each story is unique. We assist you in making your own statement.

Our Retail Store

At Pure Platinum, we take great pride in offering an unparalleled retail experience that takes into consideration our every customer’s unique needs and preferences. Our trained representatives have extensive knowledge about the jewellery they showcase and strive to deliver excellence, consistently.

About Platinum

One of the finest, purest, and rarest metal on the earth, Platinum has been the ultimate expression of love and commitment. Its natural white lustre perfectly complements diamonds and its enduring nature makes it last forever.