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Tell us about Pure Platinum and how did it start? What is the reason to choose Platinum as the prime metal for your brand?

Jewellery shares a profound relationship with Nature. From wild flowers to birds and Universe, designers have always been entrenched with the inspiration Nature throws at them. In the Year 2008, we presented a unique collection with Emotions of Platinum Bands at a jewellery exhibition (IIJS) with an emotion an expression of feeling for which we got ecstatic response. As the business grew along with the overall demand we decided to become focussed Platinum Jewellery Trader.

Initially a trading firm, which later ventured into manufacturing, how did the transformation happen?

Pure Platinum is a Platinum Jewellery manufacturer & wholesaler of rare prestige and enterprise. It is based in Mumbai. Pure Platinum is synonymous to imagination, inspiration and innovation from day one. More than two decades, the company has gained special mastery in Jewellery Manufacturing, Designing and Wholesaling. In the year 2014, we set up our own manufacturing unit at Govandi (Mumbai). It houses more than 100 workers and contributes more than 50,000 pieces annually to the world’s creation of beautiful Platinum and studded jewellery

We reach our customers (retailers) across the various cities. It has carved a niche for itself in the Indian jewellery market.

After Indian Market, it is also into exports to UAE and Srilanka simultaneously adding more designs to our portfolio and increasing the variety. Talk to us about your business growth and expansion plans.

Our Growth plans include setting up strategic partners across India to better service our clients and increase the reach PAN India.

Tell us about your manufacturing units in terms of employee strength, and organisational structure In the Year 2016, to cater to the increasing demand of our product we set up a bigger manufacturing unit at MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai with about 100 Workforce. We have also set up a separate Corporate office at Andheri East, Mumbai for better service and increasing our marketing strength for our clients. Currently, we have two distributors Dishaa Gold and Platinum & M. Nikhil & Co. operating from Mumbai and Surat respectively and now we are ready for PAN India operations in Distributor, Shop-In-Shops and Franchisee models. Now we are focussed on providing a shopping experience that enables our customers to extract exquisite emotions out of their every purchase and fulfil their aspirations. We are offering one stop solution in Platinum Jewellery where in consumers will get Nose Pins to Necklaces & Cufflinks to Belt Buckles.

Tell us in detail about your products and its uniqueness Currently we have more about 6000 designs covering varieties from Nose Pin, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Pendent Sets, Bands, Chains, Bracelets, Bangles, Kadas, Necklaces, Cufflinks, Spectacles, Brooch, Buttons, Belt Buckles and many more. We try to cover every trend and need in the market be it in Gem stones, Diamond Studded Jewellery and Plain Platinum Jewellery.

The jewelleries have been designed keeping in mind about men and women of today’s generation. The designs styles are modern and contemporary, targeting the age 16 yrs – 50 yrs.

In this era of internet where lakhs of designs are available at finger tips it is difficult to keep each of those designs available at all times; hence we on our service part develop any design provided by the customer for Platinum Jewellery with customization. This is what separates us from the market as we take up every challenge in Platinum Jewellery; be it repairing or new product or variety.

In a country like India, where gold plays a vital role, how are you capturing the Indian market? Yes, we do agree that in India Gold has played a Pivotal role due to its investment value. But in today’s times Platinum Jewellery has its own place in the industry due to the weight of sentimental value that it carries along with it. Platinum Jewellery sale in India is pegged to grow at 24% over previous year which is significantly more than the growth in Gold Jewellery Sales for the same period. All product of Platinum Jewellery is certified. There is a symbol or mark that has to be displayed on a piece of jewellery to indicate that it is certificate of authentically Platinum.
What is your marketing mantra?

The marketing mantra that we follow is the same from the beginning that is Awareness and Transparency. Awareness regarding Platinum jewellery for end consumers and transparency in the working and technical details of Platinum as Metal for retailers. Many retailers even today in India don’t know of Platinum as a metal or its rates. We believe these two simultaneously will increase the demand and in turn increase the sales of Platinum Jewellery.

What is your vision ahead? To revolutionize the jewellery trade, by Creating Value through Excellence at each step.