About Us

Having over 10 years of experience in the industry, Pure Platinum TM has come a long way from being a trading firm to becoming one of the few manufacturing firms focussed only in the Platinum Jewellery Sector.
Our Director Mr. Vijay Pokharna, a visionary, is a true believer of customer service and great product quality. We believe in providing luxury products and services.
We manufacture platinum jewellery in all the categories for various segments of the society. Right from a nose pin to Necklaces, from cufflinks to tie pins, etc.
Pure Platinum TM takes pride over its mastery and excellence in couple Bands. Pure platinum believes that bands can cater to every emotion between any relations known to human beings. That’s why Pure platinum TM has numerous bands for each occasion and many more counting.

Learn & Adapt
Being aware of the changes in your surroundings and upgrading oneself as per the understanding of the change.
At Pure Platinum TM we believe in being transparent for every transaction externally as well as internally. Transparency in not only monetary transactions but any other transaction from communication as well as exchange of thoughts is very essential.
Every employee irrespective of his position in the hierarchy is treated equally in terms of communication and exchange of thoughts.
Freedom of expression
Great Ideas don’t follow through from a specific set of sources, instead they just flash in the mind f any visionary who wants to bring about something new in one’s or other’s life.